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2 LB Wax Warmer (Double)

2 LB Wax Warmer (Double)

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Introducing the ultimate solution for professional waxing: the Honey Pot Double Hard Wax Warmer, redefining excellence in the industry. Crafted to perfection, this double wax warmer offers unparalleled durability, unmatched performance, exquisite aesthetics, and optimal size, ensuring you work smarter, not harder, by simultaneously melting two waxes.

Featuring two metal inserts for effortless cleaning and boasting the industry's only 2-year warranty, our double wax warmer is a powerhouse of reliability and elegance. Impress both your clients and followers with this masterpiece of waxing equipment.

The Honey Pot Double Hard Wax Warmer can accommodate a full 2.2lb bag of hard wax, effectively providing two small warmers in one. Equipped with two 1 lb wax basins, each with its own heating system, it allows you to warm two different types of waxes simultaneously. Easily regulate your waxing temperature with two heating dials ranging from 30°C to 80°C, complemented by two indicator lights for added convenience.

Adorned with two rose gold aluminum lids and sleek black wooden top knobs, this double salon wax warmer exudes sophistication. The matching black wooden side handles further enhance its spa-like appeal.

Designed to cater to all types of depilatory wax, the Double Honey Pot Wax Heater features two removable metal baskets for effortless cleaning. Whether you're using hard or soft wax, this dual warmer accommodates most wax can sizes, setting a new standard of versatility.

Who Is The Double Honey Pot For?

  • The busy full-service waxing specialist
  • The Estie Bestie in need of two types of wax
  • The new salon owner embarking on their journey
  • The facialist requiring a dual warmer for occasional wax services

Pro Tips:

  • Maintain optimal waxing temperature to prevent wax running off your spatula.
  • Enhance efficiency with a Wi-Fi Plug for seamless control on busy days.

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