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1 LB Wax Warmer

1 LB Wax Warmer

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Introducing the ultimate solution for professional waxing: the Standard Hard Wax Warmer, setting the gold standard in the industry. Built to surpass expectations, this 1lb Wax Warmer combines unmatched durability, peak performance, sleek aesthetics, and compact size. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning with the included metal insert designed for effortless maintenance.

Distinguished by its exclusive 2-year warranty, our wax warmer is not just tough on the inside but also a visual masterpiece on the outside. Elevate your clientele's experience and captivate your followers with this premium waxing equipment.

Crafted for licensed beauty professionals seeking sophistication, our Hard Wax Warmer effortlessly melts up to 24 OZ of hard wax into a smooth, honey-like consistency. Ideal for facial services or as an at-home companion, it's perfect for estheticians on the go or those just starting their salon journey.

Regulate your waxing temperature effortlessly with the heating dial ranging from 30°C to 80°C, complemented by an indicator light for added convenience. Adorned with a rose gold aluminum lid and a sleek black wooden top knob, this salon wax warmer exudes elegance, further accentuated by the matching black wooden side handles for a luxurious spa-like ambiance.

The Small 1LB Honey Pot is your go-to if you're:

  • A busy facial waxing specialist
  • An Estie Bestie in need of an at-home warmer
  • A budding salon owner stepping into the industry
  • A facialist requiring a compact warmer for occasional wax services

Pro Tips:

  • Avoid overheating by ensuring your wax remains at the optimal temperature.
  • Enhance efficiency on hectic days by investing in a Wi-Fi Plug for seamless control.
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